5 Important Message/s:

New information about the Costpoint, T&E and B&P UI changes. Click here to learn more.

Costpoint will be unavailable starting at 9.30 PM ET on 8/22 until 7 AM ET on 8/23 while the latest updates are applied. More information can be found here. If your cloud solution has been updated to T&E10/B&P7 these solutions will be down during this scheduled maintenance window as well as Costpoint.

All systems, including Costpoint, Time & Expense, Budgeting & Planning and CER will be unavailable starting at 2:30AM ET on 3/20 until 6:30am ET on 3/20 while updates are made to the cloud infrastructure.

Important Information. Click here.

CER will be unavailable starting at 9PM EST on 7/5 until 12AM EST on 7/6 to provide environment updates.